When it comes to playing poker you need to be patient and keep yourself focused on the game. Maintaining your cool will guide you on when to fold during the game. It’s all a game strategy you need to learn more about.

What to consider before folding 

 It’s not all about you just deciding that you want to fold. There are a few considerations that you need to take before you do that. 

Money invested in the game

The more chips you get the more scores you are acquiring for yourself. The money that you have put in the game and some that you are looking forward to winning should mean something to you. Money means different things to different gamblers. 

Decide what it means for you before choosing to fold your cards. The bankroll that you have should decide for you when you play poker online. Those with a lot more money usually don’t mind losing it. This then comes to the rule of gambling. Play games that you can afford to lose.

Odds of winning the game 

Even a newbie can know about the odds of winning. You don’t have to be a professional gambler for you to determine if you are winning or if you are losing. It is the odds that guide players where they should fold or not. How do you know the odds of winning? Do the maths with the best hand that you have and then think of what the other payers have. That way you will surely know if you are in the right direction or not.

Hand selection 

Deciding to fold a hand means that you already have a hand to play you just don’t know if it’s the highest or lowest that can make you win. It’s all about the calculations in your head. Do the math depending on the hand that you currently have and see if it’s the best hand or not. You then decide to fold or play the hand. Usually when it comes to hand selection experiences more paly choose to stick to the  15 percent of hands.

 How to fold 

Patience is very important when playing poker games. This will guide you on when too old your cards. It’s a wise step that you wait till it is your chance to play before folding. This will give you time to see what the other player have. 

Therefore you get to see if the hand that you have is the best or not. Apart from that the reason you should wait as well is that you will get to see if someone is raising the pot or calling. That will lead you to the next decision you make. Waiting for other players usually happens when you are playing at a live table.

Folding after the river cards 

This is the crucial moment of the game. A lot of poker players are o this moment. This is usually the best time that you get to fold. This is because all o the other players will have exposed their lats cards and you can then expose yours. This is known as the hero fold. However, you need to be very careful bout your decision seeing that you might lose when you think you have the best hand over other players.

Fold when you have bad odds

This is one of the best reasons that you can choose to fold. It’s no use that you keep on playing your hand when you know that your odds of winning are bad. Usually, your opponents can cause you to make an uncalled for decision. Keep focused on the game you will know that the other players are bluffing so that you don’t feel pressured to play the hand that you have.

Folding as a game strategy 

This is one of the reasons why you fold your cards. It’s also a game strategy that you can put into play. drawing the hand that you have at the beginning of a poker game is not the best strategy to sue if you want to win. Therefore yiu dfold yiur hand should see that will still be at of players that can act upon it. You can only then get to draw your best hand when you know that you are left with a few opponents who are behind you.

Position in the game the position that you will be currently holding in the game is very important. it’s important in the sense that it should guide in making the folding decision. Players usually get to fold their cards when they are that the hand that they have can not influence the game.


 Deciding to fold while playing poker is something that needs to be done wisely. you need to have the greatest experience for you to know what is at stake before you fold