Congressman Reintroduces Bill For Online Poker

Texas Republican Joe Barton has introduced legislation again to legalize online poker so states that would like to launch it in their states can go ahead. This move comes as a surprise since most state legislatures and social groups are proposing blanket ban on all kinds of online gambling.

The legislation proposed by Joe Barton will ensure that states have full control over online poker operations with their boundaries and will take steps to cut off illegal offshore operators.

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Joe Barton

Details of the online poker

Joe Barton is an avid fan of poker and considers it a game of skill that is unique to Americans which is different from other card games like blackjack, craps, slots and other games of chance. The law would be tech-savvy enough to root out under-age players and help problem gamblers to overcome their habit. In 2013 Rep.

Peter King had tried to introduce similar law to legalize internet poker gambling and protect financial interests of players but did not get much support. Billionaire Sheldon Adelson has also joined the group of gambling protestors against this legislation and he is being supported by Republic Representative Leonard Lance.

Debate for and against internet gambling

In the bill supporting internet gambling Barton is being supported by six senators among whom one is running for president. He is also getting support from Representative Jason Chaffetz and 19 more sponsors that are introducing similar bill in the House.

The most vociferous protestor of online poker is South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham who has reintroduced a bill, which if cleared, will put an end to licensed online poker on both federal and state level. The law could also put an end to online poker in Delaware, Nevada and New Jersey the three states where it is already law.

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